"I gave you things I wasn’t sure I even had."


i didn’t see no blood moon


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people who think being respectful and kind is a weakness


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A smile as beautiful as yours; reflecting the sun’s beauty 
Can not be compared to the way your eyes shine when you smile
Eyes so big and smile so wide only to hide the true feelings inside
You feel you are alone and that no one really understands how you feel;
lost and confusion surrounds your mind and making your eyes dim and smile fade. 
You have to remember that you are better than that, that your smile shows the world you are empowered with love, make your eyes shine so bright you blind the ones who look within. You are Fran, the girl who has nothing stop her, from losing friends to gaining sisters, I write this to tell you that you give others the feeling of warmth. You are the sun, your freckles remind others of a sunflower, your beauty can not be compared to nothing but the light that shines bright on a hot day. 
 Feel the motivation that flows through you when you think of succeeding, no matter where you are you’re winning. It does not matter where a sunflower is planted as long as the suns powerful rays hit it, the sunflower will bloom so strong and big that everyone will take notice. Fran you are a sunflower no matter where life takes you, deep inside you contain the power within to bloom into that beautiful flower. 
Smile beautiful because even though a sunflower needs the sun it also needs the rain; so embrace those bad days because they only show you what you can truly do. Your mind is a flowerpot, your acceptance is the soil,the seed is your life and the beautiful yellow and brown big bright sunflower is your success. 
You show others your true colors, you give them love and stay by their side. You wish others could love you as much as you love them but sadly we must accept the fact that we give too much. I show my appreciation by letting you just for a while roam in my head when i think of you. You’re beautiful no matter how you feel, no matter what you do Fran nothing in the world can stop you; I believe you have the power to do anything you set your mind to you’re a beautiful girl who shouldn’t let others affect you. I hate to see those big bubbly eyes that everyday is filled with joy and happiness change to sadness and become red, that big wide smile of yours that shows off your freckles become a frown and have everyone wondering why their sun isn’t shinning. Fran you are my definition of perfect and i wouldn’t want my sun to fall from the sky just because people don’t know how to accept the beauty it gives off. Fran stay the sun do not end up being a shooting star for the sun shines forever.

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Savvy Love

I can’t believe it, i did it

I finally looked past you 

I thought you were the only person i could give my heart to ; but you weren’t 

I finally found someone who sees my worth, who loves the little things about me 

Someone who shows me through the little things he does that he cares, that he truly loves me

It hurt, it hurt so much to say the words ” I love you” not just because he might not have felt the same way back but because of the fear you gave me. 

For months you said you loved me, but then didn’t hesitate to walk away so of course I’m scared, I’m scared to love anyone else. 

Everyone seems to be leaving me, so to give my love to him takes a lot of courage from me, it’s a risk I’m willing to take 

He finally gave me that feeling of satisfaction I’ve been looking for, the feeling of tranquility

I want to explore his mind and see his beliefs, i believe in everything he tells me for when we talk we get lost in thoughts; our conversations are too deep for a average person to understand. 

I fell in love with his mind before I did his face, I was captured by his words that held intelligence between the lines. Later after we untwined I began to love him better than I loved you..

I can finally say thank you, if it wasn’t for your mistakes i wouldn’t be here today with my eyes wider and my beliefs stronger, now i stand beside someone who not only shares the same beliefs but who believes in me .

Even if I’m scared to love again ill be proud to roam with him for no matter how long we last, because finally i feel like i found my match.

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"I want all my secrets back"

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